About Us

At SaverSystems, we understand the frustration people feel when they see what they’ve built deteriorate from the elements. Property is one investment you can bank on, but if it’s made with concrete and masonry needs to be protected. SaverSystems employs state of the art technology to help protect and save what you build.

Higher Standards for Quality Products

In the mid eighties, SaverSystems began manufacturing waterproofing and restoration products for masonry chimneys. After thousands of warranted applications, SaverSystems’ water repellents became the number one choice for protecting masonry chimneys from leaks and water damage.

Our products undergo extensive testing before they are made available to your business. After passing the applicable lab tests we send them to the field for additional evaluation. Independent contractors, such as yourself, evaluate the application characteristics and durability of our products. After the product is given a firm “thumbs-up” we then offer it to you. We continue to evaluate our products after they make it to the market, and look for opportunities for improvement based on continued feedback from our customers. Laboratory tested, field proven…That’s ChimneyRx Products.