3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Chimney

and Prevent Thousands of Dollars of Damage

Chimney Rx products are designed to seal and protect your chimney from the damaging effects of water penetration. According to the Brick Institute of America, water is the number 1 cause of chimney deterioration. Protect your chimney today with these easy to use Do-It-Yourself chimney maintenance products.

Step 1: Seal the Crown

Step 2: Waterproof the Brick

Step 3: Seal the Flashing

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How to Repair Chimney Crowns

If you are like most home owners, you’ve probably never paid much attention to your chimney crown. The chimney crown serves an important role in protecting the chimney against harsh weather, but most people don’t realize that the crown also needs to be protected. When left unprotected, a chimney crown will eventually crack and deteriorate. What…